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brenna is my name

"He love this fat ass hhahahahahjahahsjskkaakak"
A six word story (via thot420)



I love my skin!




Remember when Horton Hears a Who first came out and everybody wanted to fuck the little emo Who


i am so happy i dont remember this

I am so sad I remember this



I took this video of my boyfriend during one of his breakdowns not to humiliate him or broadcast his sadness, but to educate everyone on the severity of his situation. My boyfriend is Transgender (FTM) and he’s been trying to get his top surgery. When we first started dating he realized under his mom’s insurance he was fully covered to receive the surgery. Once she found out then a week or so before his surgery she lowered his coverage to where he has basic health care but could no longer receive the surgery free. He was also kicked out of his family for his transition and he can’t afford to go to school, his grandparents took his car, nobody wants to speak to him in his family. He binds everyday and it’s getting harder for him. He has crippling panic attacks before leaving the house and well this video will show things that he goes through daily. If you can find it in your heart to share and get involved with his donation page it would mean to world. I don’t make enough money or have the credit (neither of us do) to get approved for care credit. I’ve posted his donation page. If just 1,000 people can give $5 it would make a world of a difference. Please donate and share. We’re both doing as much as we can. He plans on taking out student loans in December if he can’t fund his surgery and risks prison time. Please help.

I guess I’ll give this one final shot. My top surgery donation page. What a joke to think people would help. But it’s my final shot. Here’s the thing. I’ve done everything i can to get this surgery. And after being lied to for the 5th time about someone going through carecredit for me- I am seconds away from just ending my life. I cannot handle this anymore. I break down daily. I don’t have a single friend in Las Vegas who cares about me. My family left me. I’m not asking. I’m begging you for the chance to finally live. Please help me. Please donate, even something small. Please save my life. I’m sick of punching my chest everyday… I don’t want to kill myself just to be the example America needs to save someone else’s life… I see these kind of things work for people. The only difference for me is I’m not hot so people don’t care. But it’s not about that… With your small donations- you’re giving me a shot at living and not dying.
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shout out to chat windows on video player sites for being perpetually stuck in 2008

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lets just take a moment

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I love the bond that forms between students in an awful class